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Mission Statement 

Since 1996, Western’s Writing Support Centre has been committed to supporting all members of the Western Community. Incoming first-year students, undergrads, graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, faculty and staff all use our comprehensive services. Our main point of contact is at one-to-one writing appointments. We also interact with the Western community through in-house writing workshops and seminars, an annual writing conference, a summer transition program, our online presence, and through outreach initiatives that take us to every faculty and department. We assist writers regardless of their skill level or facility in English, at any stage of the writing process, in any genre, across the disciplines. We are a teaching unit that helps the Western community critically engage with ideas and communicate research through writing. 


  • Students enhance writing and communication skills
  • Students build confidence in their writing and communication skills
  • Students are equipped with tools, resources and knowledge to effectively communicate through writing
  • Students increase critical analysis abilities to effectively communicate scholarly ideas
  • Students understand writing expectations at the university level, and are equipped with skills they need to navigate academic transitions

One-to-one advising sessions:

Our staff of writing experts from disciplines such as anthropology, business, engineering, English, health sciences, MLIS, history, education, art history, and philosophy understand the rigours of academic writing. More importantly, they know how to teach writing. They will not edit your paper, but they will diagnose your specific writing needs and help you become more productive and write more persuasively. Every paper is different, as is every reader. Adapting to the requirements of the assignment and the wishes of your reader is key. We can help.  

Beginning September 2023, the Writing Support Centre will offer help for oral presentations. Your advisor can help you with written content, slide design, and organization. Most importanly we can work with you to better communicate to your audience. 

2022 One-to-one Online Appointment Survey:
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