Online Writing Assistance

 Online Writing Assistance

Western graduate students and postdoctoral scholars can submit drafts of written assignments or writing-related questions to Writing Support Centre advisors. We will review any academic or professional writing at any stage of the writing process. 

How it works:

  • Fill out the Online Writing Assistance form using the link below to submit a draft of your writing assignment or any writing-related questions. We cannot open attachments. 
  • You must provide your Western email address ( when filling out the form.
  • We are able to review the same writing submission two times only. Written work submitted more than twice will be ignored. 
  • Due to demand for this service submissions are limited to two pages of text only
  • We are only able to respond to one submission at a time. Once you have submitted your work you must wait until you receive our feedback before submitting additional writing. Multiple submissions will be ignored.  
  • Due to high demand of our online service, advisors may choose not to review submissions that have previously been reviewed. Advisors may also choose not to review new submissions if they deem writers have not adequately attempted to incorporate advisor feedback from previous submissions. To ensure learning occurs, writers must actively participate in the learning process.
  • We are not an editing service. We are a teaching unit. We will provide general comments on how to improve your written work.
  • The Writing Support Centre will not review any exams (including take-home exams or comprehensive examinations).
  • If you have questions about Online Writing Assistance see Writing Support Centre Policies and FAQs or contact us at

Where to submit your writing assignments:

    • The Writing Support Centre only provides online help for work submitted using the following link:


Check out our 90-second how-it-works video:


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