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 How do I get started writing a paper? Overcoming Writer's Block answers the question.

How to Write Emails (that won't upset your professors) tells you how to write emails that won't upset your professor.

Conciseness is expected in university-level writing. Learn how to say more with less. 

The impact of a title is often underestimated, but in academic writing a title is the gateway to your paper.

Learn how a well-crafted paragraph is engaging, flowing, logical, accessible, elegant, persuasive and complete.

Building on the foundational Part I, Part II digs deeper into the art of the writing paragraphs.

This module explains how to develop thesis statements for university-level papers in three (easy) steps.

This module is about Hamburger-Style Essays and whether they are appropriate for university-level writing.

The first in our Let's Be Clear series. What do your professors want? Clarity!

Commonly Mistaken Words, Part 1 clarifies the differences between words that always seem to trip us up.

Yes, it's Commonly Mistaken Words: the Sequel. But can it live up to Part 1?

Back by popular demand. It is the third in our iconic Commonly Mistaken Words series.

The fourth and final episode in our Commonly Mistaken Words series. Or is it?

Paraphrasing with Confidence explains how to integrate academic sources into your papers.

Do you know the difference? If this topic sends chills down your spine, take a deep breath and find out why it matters.

The Active and Passive Voice module explains how to recognize, understand, and adapt, active and passive voice.

This module lays out proper formatting and style for using numbers in academic writing.

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