Welcome. The Writing Support Centre is not meeting with students in-person at this time, but we're here to meet your writing needs. 

Western students can submit their written work to be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis at: 

Online writing assistance

Grads and postdocs can book Zoom sessions by appointment:

Zoom Appointments for Grads and Postdocs

Watch our Writing at University Modules to learn about the expectations of university-level writing:

Writing at University Modules


Online Writing Assistance
2-minute how-it-works video: 

Zoom Appointments for Grads and Postdocs
2-minute how-it-works video: 

Writing Support Centre services:

  • Online writing assistance
  • Online writing resources
  • Online one-to-one sessions for grads and postdocs
  • Online Writing at University modules
  • Individual one-to-one appointments at our centre in the Western Student Services Building (closed)
  • Drop-In services at Weldon Library (closed)
  • In-house seminars and workshops (postponed)
  • Transitioning to university writing clinics for incoming students (cancelled)
  • Outreach presentations for faculty
  • GradWRITE: a series of seminars and annual conference tailored for grads and postdocs (postponed)
  • Graduate Writing Room: a resource lounge for grads and postdocs (closed)
  • Dissertation Writers' Retreats (postponed)