Writing Seminars and Workshops


Writing Support Centre seminars are directed toward undergraduate students but open to everyone in the Western community AND they are free. Our seminars address approaches to common writing assignments, discipline-specific writing, and issues of grammar and style. Graduate students and postdocs check out our GradWRITE Seminars

All seminars are held in Western Student Services Building room 3134.

To Register for Seminars:

  1. Click on the REGISTER FOR WRITING SEMINARS button below
  2. Login to Western Connect
  3. Click on the "Register for an Event" button
  4. Choose "Writing Support Centre Events" from the drop-down menu
  5. Choose the seminar(s) you want to attend from the events calendar

Register for Writing Seminars

Download the Winter 2020 Seminar Schedule:

Winter 2020 Seminar Schedule

Seminar Topics:

  • Overcoming Writer's Block focuses on the different stages of the writing process and provides a more organized approach to keep you on track
  • Annotated Bibliographies explains the expectations and different steps involved in writing an annotated bibliography, including resources for citing
  • Writing a Personal Statement examines common pitfalls and explains how to connect with your intended audience
  • Writing a Thesis Statement: Every paper requires a clear identifiable thesis statement. This seminar demystifies this critical element of academic writing and demonstrates how to communicate the purpose of your paper clearly and concisely.  
  • Grammar Primer removes the mystery of common grammatical errors by explaining the causes behind them and demonstrating solutions
  • Punctuation Primer explains how to use common punctuation for effective academic writing
  • Referencing Your Paper presents citation as a necessary means of avoiding accusations of plagiarism, and as an approach to strengthening the credibility of the claims in your paper 
  • Tips for the Non-Native English Speaker provides a brief overview of English grammar, focusing on key sentence components, and features strategies for improving word choice and rhetoric
  • Writing with Clarity identifies key factors that interfere with clear writing, from improper word choice to unfocused arguments
  • Structuring and Organizing a Paper demonstrates how to use writing strategies and techniques such as storyboarding to ensure your paper works structurally
  • Writing a Book Review explains the purpose of a book review and how to evaluate the contributions of authors in terms of their credibility and the evidence they present
  • Concise Writing demonstrates how to eliminate wordiness, condense information and maintain meaningful content
  • Writing Essay Exams focuses on how to organize useful study notes and make use of memory skills before exploring different exam structures
  • Science Writing examines ways to write engaging scientific papers that audiences will want to read for content and for style  
  • Writing in the Arts and Humanities uses examples of different mediums to demonstrates how to undertake a close reading as an essential step in researching and writing 
  • Writing in Nursing and Health Sciences explores ways to communicate complex health information to a wide audience, so not only academics but also the public can learn about issues vital to them


If you do not see a seminar or workshop that addresses your writing needs or questions, let us know. Suggest a seminar or workshop topic: wsc@uwo.ca

Certificate of Academic Engagement

The Certificate of Academic Engagement recognizes students who make the effort to be their academic best. To receive the Certificate, attend four Writing Support Centre seminars. Cards will be provided and stamped after each seminar. Once you have four stamps return your card to the presenter and the Writing Support Centre will enable you to add this activity to your Western Co-Curricular Record. To activate your Co-Curricular Record you must first sign up at myexperience.uwo.ca.



WSC Seminars are Western Co-Curricular Record approved. To get credit you must attend four Seminars.

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