Online Appointments

Zoom Appointments Online


  • Login to Western Connect

  • Choose Writing Support Centre on your dashboard

  • Choose Appointment Calendar and then View Calendar

  • Choose an Open time slot from the calendar and book your Zoom appointment. 


*If you require an in-person appointment, please email your request to

Cancellations: If for any reason you are unable to attend your appointment, please be considerate and cancel your appointment from Western Connect so another grad student or postdoc can make use of your appointment time. Cancellations are not possible within 8 hours of your appointment time. Students who fail to attend their appointment are listed as a No-Show, which can limit future access to our services. 

Due to demand for our one-to-one appointments students are limited to booking one appointment at a time. You are able to book your next appointment once you have attended your currently booked session. 

If you do not see an open appointment we are fully booked. Check back for cancellations or book ahead. If you cannot find an open appointment time please let us know!

When accessing Zoom, please note the distinction between your Western password used with your User ID to log onto your Western Zoom account, and the six-digit Zoom passcode required to join the actual Zoom session. Your Zoom passcode is included in your Zoom invitation. 

If you encounter any problems connecting with us for your Zoom appointment, email

Western Technology Services has instructions for setting up and using a Western Zoom account. 

If you have comments or suggestions, we encourage you to fill out our Writing Support Centre Appointment Survey. Let us know how we are doing. Thanks!  

The Writing Support Centre will not review any exams (including take-home exams or comprehensive examinations).



Questions? Everything you need to know about One-to-One Zoom Appointments can be found in our 2-minute how-it-works video. Check it out. 


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