Online Writing Assistance

Online Writing Assistance

To support Western's response to COVID-19:
Western Students now can submit their written work online. Our writing advisors will review your work and email you useful and informed feedback about your writing. Students will have their work reviewed on a first-come first-served basis. Our response time will be dependent on the volume of submissions we receive. Please read the "How it works" guidelines before submitting your work. 

How it works:

  • Fill out the Online Writing Assistance form using the link below to submit a draft of your writing assignment or any writing-related questions.
  • We are only able to respond to one submission at a time. Once you have submitted your work you must wait until you receive our feedback before submitting additional writing. Multiple submissions will be ignored.  
  • We spend the same time with online submissions as we do in our 50-minute one-to-one counselling sessions. This means we can read and comprehensively respond to about 5 pages of written work.
  • Students should be as specific as possible with their questions for the writing advisor. Do not just cut and paste the assignment instructions. 
  • Students are limited to one submission per assignment. 
  • We are not an editing service. We are a teaching unit. We will provide general comments on how to improve your written work.

Where to submit your writing assignments:

Questions? Everything you need to know about Online Writing Assistance can be found in our 2-minute how-it-works video. Check it out.

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